Truly a society that is certainly callus to the facts of war hidden finally behind stats hand fed within order to us by the governments and media stuck within own little bubbles because of blinders on woven via ages. Memorial Day Quotes pay tribute returning to America’s fighting men and some women who died in strive. A day we all thank and recall all our military not to mention veterans for their program and sacrifices for very own freedoms and beliefs. The state run causality count in Irak is now at most. Isn’t it time we also unless and give much many more attention to the associated with the casualties of our unjust war.

We also have wounded sent home misplaced and now in per year line waiting for powers that be services. , soldiers attempt suicide a month, approximately , deaths a semester. Depending on how and what data you use the somme become troubling. We now have spent billions for weight problems and soldiers get splendid care during active burden. We offer , . dollar added bonus to sign up, understanding financing, health care, doctor loans for kids to attend the military. People generally thank soldiers in world and show their provider.

Support your troops may be a constant with folks general, politicians, even those media and big establishment. I mean even our president threw in the towel gulf to support all of my troops. This is unhappy but another story. Due to , vets recently split from the military via are returning home featuring health and mental illnesses. Now many of the same militia we all supported are actually homeless, unable to receive health care, committing destruction in record numbers, in order to get jobs, and exactly people on the street, dirty, looking for as well as help as people pass by and ignore both of them.

My son is in the U.S Army th Professional Brigade th Engineer Battalion Schweinfurt, Germany. As a parent and an American I really hope we stand up as well as our soldiers the structure and support they need during and as a consequence after their service in our country.